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Crystal of the Moment: Spirit Quartz

I like to think of the Spirit Quartz as the fairy princess of quartz. It's a sparkly, beautiful pastel quartz point that is usually an ombre lavender. It can only be found in the Magaliesberg Mountain region of South Africa and was first discovered in 2001. The most common Spirit Quartz is Amethyst Spirit Quartz but it can also be found in citrine, smoky, and white quartz as well. Some Spirit Quartz you may find online are called "Angel Aura Spirit Quartz" meaning they have been altered by either gold or titanium to give them a rainbow look. Spirit Quartz is also known as Cactus Quartz or Porcupine Quartz and sometimes Fairy Quartz.

Amethyst Spirit Quartz

"It is a compassionate stone facilitating transition to other states of being. It assists a soul facing death and provides immense support throughout a terminal illness, and can be an effective tool for spirit release, attracting guides for the journey." - Crystal Vaults

- Activates the Crown Chakra

- Aura Cleansing

- Passion, Imagination, Emotion, Logic

- Stimulates Creativity

- Utilizes Fire Energy

- Goddesses: Minerva, Sophia, and Ixcuiname

Citrine Spirit Quartz

"This is abundance in its truest sense, as it aids you in letting go of dependence on material things and on the desire to acquire more 'things'." - Healing Crystals For You

- Activates the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras

- Aids in Manifestation

- Promotes Self-Worth and Empowerment

- Abundance

- Utilizes Fire Energy

- Goddesses: Demeter, Grian, and Ixcuiname

Smoky Spirit Quartz

"It is a marvelous tool for releasing deeply held emotions, traumatic memories or states of dis-ease, including those passed down the ancestral line." - The Crystal Vault

- Activates the Root Chakra and Aligns with the Third Eye

- Soul Cleansing

- Protection Stone

- Strong Grounding Energy

- Can be used as a Worry Stone

- Promotes Security and Stability

- Utilizes Wood Energy

- Goddesses: Gaia and Ixcuiname

White Spirit Quartz

"...white spirit quartz, is capable of activating all energy centers, making it possible for spiritual evolution and communication with the higher spirit realms." - Practical Magic Store

- Revitalizes Energy Levels

- Supports Physical Healing

- Heals and Evolves Aura

- Represents the Natural Cycles, Birth, and Regeneration

- Feminine Energy

- Utilizes Metal Energy

- Goddesses: Allat and Ixcuiname

Angel Aura Spirit Quartz

These crystals have been chemically treated for color by using either gold or titanium. This in no way effects the crystal's energies.

- Encourages Openness and Affection

- Aids in Soul Evolution

- Helps in Understanding Sporadic Energies in Others

- Other Attributes are Color Dependent

Last month I finally purchased one of my own from TheCrystalWitchX on Etsy and it's safe to say it was everything I could have hoped for and more. Usually when I purchase a new crystal or stone, I immediately integrate it into my collection to help cleanse and charge it with the surrounding crystals energies. Then, once a full moon comes about, I'll place it outside on my balcony to soak up the lunar goodness.

Check out the crystal section of the Dreamsongs shop to start your crystal hoarding today or add to it. The more, the merrier!